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A free and exciting game changing app for any event, party or function. Eliminating all the hard work of planning & organising events.

Do you find planning parties stressful and overwhelming?

Do you find it hard to stay organised so you can plan the best party ever?

Is important information spread over different devices?

Do your guests text their rsvp's then you have to manual update your guest list?

Do you find it frustrating searching for local suppliers to contact when planning your event?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then you need to download Elite Partyz immediately.

You can plan ANY event you wish, manage your guest list, to-do list, manage your budget and search local suppliers all on one easy to use convenient app.



Elite Partyz App

The features you can access are next level and essential when it comes to Party & Event planning. Have suppliers and businesses at your finger tips based on your event location and event type. 

Pay Suppliers Securely

Purchase goods, services and products simply within the app, the app helps you control your budget.

Chat With Businesses

Chat directly with your suppliers, receive photos and notifications in real-time.

View Services & Products

Businesses related to your party or event are presented within your events location, find numerous businesses on the app.

Rent, Hire, Buy Products & Services

With Elite Partyz, you can buy, rent & hire everything from cakes, decorations through to hiring limousines & event venues.

Eliminate hours of painstaking tasks when you can simply manage events all within Elite Partyz App

Create an event

Create any type of event or party anywhere within Australia. The Elite Partyz App is perfect for kids birthdays, family functions,  weddings and business events, to name a few.

Create your task list

With the Elite Partyz App you can create a custom To Do task list, making it impossible to forget everything you require for your event or party.

Simply mark the tasks as complete as you book, purchase and organise each part of your event or party. 

Find Businesses & Services

Elite Partyz makes party and event planning like take a walk in the park. Find the products and services to create the best experience and amaze your guests. 

Businesses will display based on categories, keywords and your events location, saving you many hours trying to phone or run around trying to organise every piece of your event manually.

Guest List management and RSVP's

Add guests directly from your phones contact list or manually add guests who are not already in your contacts.

With our invite all option, your guests will receive a SMS message to open and can see your party or event details, time and location. Your guests will be able to RSVP instantly.

You are able to monitor who is attending and who is unable to attend all within the Elite Partyz App.


Elite Partyz App is Available To Download!

Download the Elite Partyz App Today and Start Planning Your Next Event!


More Exciting

Find Businesses Near You

Elite Partyz app allows you to create an event no matter your location. Find suppliers for your party / event near you or even in another city. 

Send Invitations & Receive RSVP's

Elite Partyz simplifies invitations, import contacts from your phone or manually add guests by entering their details.

When you are ready, you simply press Invite All, an sms is sent to all of your guest with a link in which opens up your invitation, informing your guests what event it is, where it is located, what it is for, location, date and time.

Your guests can simply accept the invitation or select if they cannot make it to the event, providing the simplest and most convenient way to track who is coming to your event and who isn’t. 

Chat With Suppliers & Businesses

Our internal chat system allows you to talk to businesses and suppliers about their products and services, making contact and communication so simple and organised all within the app.

Create, Add & Manage Multiple Events At Any One Time

Elite Partyz app makes creating, managing and arranging Party’s, Events, Weddings and more so simple.

You can have multiple events set in the app, for example you can create a Birthday party event and manage everything for that, whilst also planning a number of other events all in the one simple app. 

Elite Partyz mobile app is designed and built for organising any type of party, event or function. 

Manage Budgets and Payments Easily

With any event you can set a budget, the Elite Partyz app helps you manage your budget and expenses for each event.

Making payments to suppliers and businesses is simple, once the business accepts your purchase, hire or rental then the system automatically generates and invoice and payment request to the supplier.


Frequently Asked

If you have any further questions feel free to email us at 

You can create an event, invite friends, create a to do list, set a budget and find suppliers.  You are also able to buy, hire and rent products and services from suppliers through the app.

Yes our app is free for all people creating events. There is no hidden costs within the app. You have access to all the amazing features our app has to offer.

You can create any event, party, function imaginable. Our tools and access to suppliers makes it even easier to keep within your budget, chat with suppliers, buy, rent or hire products and services from your favourite suppliers. 

You will be able invite suppliers to download the app. This will make it easier to access their products, services and chat. 

You will be able to manually edit your budget, set budget amount, view budget summary, review cost amounts, paid amounts and amounts owing. 

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