How To Plan Your Own Party Step By Step:

1. First you need a Location, Date, and Time.

Figure out where you’d like to host your event, keeping in mind, your budget and estimated number of guests. The time of your party will determine the food you serve which will also reflect on your budget. Plan on providing more food if your event falls during a mealtime.

2. Pick a Party Theme

Start looking for party inspiration and create a Pinterest board to help define your theme and any ideas you love. Once you have chosen a theme for your party, you will be able to pick out your invitations.

3. Send out Invitations

Decide on electronic invites or traditional printed invitations. Elite Partyz app is able to send out electronic invitations to your guest list.  Usually, about a month in advance is the best time to send out party invitations.

4. Plan and Order Your Food, Drinks, and Dessert

Based on the time of your event, figure out your menu (don’t forget drinks & dessert) and determine where you will be catering from or if you will be cooking. Unless it’s a small dinner party, I usually recommend catering to avoid getting overwhelmed on a day that should otherwise be fun.
5. Plan Your Activities
What will you do at your party? You’ll want to plan out any activities and make a list of supplies that you’ll need. If you are having a cocktail party, for example, you may not need any activities at all. If you are hosting a kids birthday party or maybe a baby shower, try to imagine what your guests will do while they are there. I usually recommend self serve activities for parties. Whatever you decide, be sure to make a music playlist to play in the background too, every party should have music.

6. TimeLine

Certainly, not every party needs a scheduled timeline. If you are hosting a dinner party or a cocktail party, for example, you probably don’t need to plan that out so specifically. However, if you are hosting a birthday party or bridal shower, for example, you will need to have a basic idea of when you’ll be playing games, serving food, and cutting the cake. For parties like this, as a general rule, they are usually 2 hours long.

7. Layout

While you’re planning, try to come up with a basic idea of how you want the layout of the party. Some of it, you will just figure out as you set up but having somewhat of a plan will save you time on the day of the party.  Decide in advance where you will put the cake table, seated tables, gift tables, food and drink tables, and any activities too.

8. Party Decorations

Your party decor will depend on the theme you chose, of course. Take a good look at the pictures you saved for inspiration. What do you love the most in each one? Do they have anything in common?

Don’t feel the need to decorate every inch of your party space. Try to focus your efforts on just a few areas like a cake table or a bar cart. I usually recommend a welcome sign at the entrance, a party focal point, like the cake table, and centrepieces for the seated tables.

For cake tables, We always recommend cake stands as part of the decor for cakes, desserts, drinks, props, almost anything! Also, consider what’s behind your party focal point. You will probably need a backdrop of some kind.

Search through the Elite Partyz app to find local suppliers.
Pro Tip: Try to imagine walking through your party as a guest. What will they see and do from the moment they walk in? Consider serving drinks on a bar cart by the door for guests to grab on their way in or have a clear route to an activity or food so they aren’t standing around.

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